Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Cleaning and Maintenance

The unmatched durability and resiliency of porcelain and ceramic tiles makes them a popular choice for both commercial and domestic surfacing as they provide easy maintenance for most day to day use.

Keys to the general up keep of your surface tiles is regular cleaning with a few simple steps to ensure longevity.

Step 1.

A quick Vacuum or sweep of the tile surface to prevent dirt and debris embedding itself onto the tile grout.

Step 2.

Using a clean mop with luke warm water, initially wipe down the surface. You may use a mild household detergent but be sure to follow the detergents manufactures instruction on application and mix ratio. (depends on whether its porcelain or ceramic tile)

Step 3.

Grout maintenance is also very important to overall appearance so provided the grout has been properly sealed, cleaning should be quick and easy as long as it is addressed immediately.

Using a medium soft bristle toothbrush and a mild house hold detergent, gently scrub the grout taking care not scratch off any of the grout surface.

( Grout resealing is recommended to be redone approximately every 2 years )

As a general rule of thumb, never use abrasive, acid, polishing or bleach based cleaning products as the chemicals corrosive nature can have a irreversible affect on the tile surface appearance.

Avoid using sponge mops as they tend to push dirt and debris into the grout during cleaning and scourers are not recommended as they may cause surface damaged depending on the type of tile it is used on.

Following these simple steps will help ensure your tiles retains it beautiful appearance for years to come.

*The allowable curvature for first quality ceramic tiles whether plain, polished or honed, according to AS4459 and the ISO standard remains at 0.5%. This allows a 600mm x 300mm tile to curve up to 3mm in its length and still be considered first quality.
Please consult your professionally licensed tiler before tiling to avoid any issues.

NOTE: Please be advised tile colours and textures appearing on this website serve only as guide. Due differences in shade, finishes and the type of visual monitors used to view our products , we strongly recommend that customers personally inspect the desired tiles as so they meet with they're expectations.